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Dam 2.2 is a checkers game for Windows 95 or newer
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Dam 2.2 is a checkers game.
In checkers you play on the dark squares of the board. Each team has 20 pieces.

The players move alternately. White goes first. When you have no valid move left, you loses.

The pieces must be moved diagonally.

A single piece may move in one of the two forward directions to the next square, if unoccupied. You can capture your opponent pieces by jumping over them to the empty square behind, in both forward and backward directions.

You cannot refuse to capture a piece. If you don´t capture a piece that can be captured, your piece will be removed from the board.

When a single piece reaches the fartest row, is promoted to king.

A king may make a non-capture move to any empty square in its line of sight, in all four directions. When capturing a piece, the king can land either on the square behind that piece or on any following empty square.

You can save any game in .dam, .pnd or .doc format. You can also use this program to play with another computer in Internet.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice free game to play checkers against the computer or another player


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